We believe our continuing and considerable investment on resources of professionals and engineers, vessels and fleets, plant and trucks etc. will enable us to provide practical solutions and quality works to our clients and to maintain our on-going business success.

40m Dipper (1)
40m Dipper (2)
40m Dipper (3)
DX225 with short boom
Soosan Crusher
24T Dump Truck
30T Dump Truck
38T Dump Truck
3300 Crawler Crane 125T
CA402D Vibration Roller
CAT320 Excavator
CAT320B Excavator
CAT336D Excavator
CAT375 Excavator
CAT977K Skid Loader
CAT980H Wheel Loader
Crane Lorry
Drop Side Platform Vehicle
DX140LC Excavator
DX225LC Excavator with bucket
DX225LC Excavator with hydraulic breaker
DX225LC Excavator with Hydraulic pulverized posher
DX480 Excavator with bucket
DX480LC with Telescopic dipper
DX480LC with Telescopic dipper
DX480LC with Telescopic dipper
DX80R Excavator
NB9.9C Working Platform
NPK E235 Hydraulic Breaker
PC228US Excavator
SEM650 Wheel Loader
SH135X Excavator
SOOSAN Hydraulic Breaker
Hydraulic Crusher
SR123 Working Platform
ZX350LCH Excavator
ZX470LCH Excavator
ZX870LCH Excavator