With more than 25 years in the market, we always do our best to maintain ourselves competitive in the market. Therefore throughout these years, Tapbo has successfully completed quite a good record of significant projects in its civil, building and renovation divisions, including the Airport Terminal Building at Chek Lap Kok, the Terminus Depot of MTRC Tsueng Kwan O Railway, the Tuen Mun & Siu Hong Stations of KCRC West Rail, Phases I & III of Olympic Station Development, Redhill Peninsula etc.

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Period Project Works
1987 - 1989 AOKI Highway Department

Tsuen Wan Route 5 Highway

Construction of Retaining Walls, Footbridges & Utiltites 

Reinstatement Works

1988 - 1989 Pilecon

Tuen Mun Private Development TMTL292

Foundation Works for 4 Residentai


1988 - 1989 Pilecon

Redhill Luxury Residential Development

Site Formation and Foundation Works for 42 nos. of Deluxe House

1988 - 1990 Pilecon

Redhill Luxury Residential Development Site D

Construction of 155 nos. 4-storey Deluxe Houses

1989 - 1990 Fu Hing Construction Co.

399-401 Queen’s Road Commercial Building

Construction of Superstructure of 23-storey Commercial Building

1992 - 1993 Nishimatsu - Gammon J.V.

Container Port Terminal No.8

Site Formation and Road & Drainage

1994 - 1995 Kumagai - Maeda - GRABC JV

West Kowloon Express Highway

Viaduct Structure Works of Highway

1995 - 1996 BCJ JV

New Airport Development at Chek Lap Kok
Lantau Island

Superstructure and External Works of North and Sourth Concourses of Passenger Terminal Building

1996 - 1996 KEC JV

Kowloon Station Development Lantau-Airport Railway

Superstructure Works of Lantau-Airport Railway Station

1996 - 1997 Kumagai Gumi

MTRC Wanchai Station Extension

Station Extension Works

1996 - 1998 Water Supplies Dept. HKSAR

Tseung Kwan O Stage III Water Supplies Works

Water Supply Works of Laying 900 dia and

450dia Water Mains and Minis Pipes

1997 - 1997 Rolling Development Ltd.

Building Renovation Works at Woo Sung Street Kowloon

Conversion Works of an Office Building to a Hotel

1997 - 1998 Hip Hing - Kumagai JV

Kowloon Station Development

Construction of Station Structured

1997 - 1999 China Road & Bridges Co.

West Kowloon Reclamation

Construction of Bridge and Associated Works

1997 - 2000 Leighton - Kumagai JV

Aqueducts Between Tai Po and Butterfly Valley

Shing Mun Shaft Construction work including installation of sheet piling work

Excavation to Adit Tunnel and Tunnel Works Between Tai Po Tau

and Butterfly Valley including pipe piling work

1998 - 1999 Kumagai Gumi

Discovery Bay North Development

Tunnel Excavation Works and pipe piling work

1998 - 1999 AMEC-HKC JV

Dragonair & CNAC Headquarter Development

Construction of 2 Office Towers and One Crew Facility Block

1999 - 2000 Hyundai E&C, Sino Properties

Olympic Station Development Site B Phase I & III

Construction of 4 50-storey High-rise Residential Towers on

a 4-storey Podium and External Works and Road Works

1999 - 2001 AMEC

MTRC TKO605 Tseung Kwan O Depot TKO Railway

Concrete Building Structures & Associated Contract

1999 - 2002 Hong Kong Construction

HYD HY/98/02 Tolo Highway Widening

Roadwork, Retaining Walls, North Access Bridge, Pak Shek Bridge Exten,

Tai Po Kau Bridge Exten, Tai Po Kau  Underpass Exten

1999 - 2003 HKC-KCRC

KCRC CC212 & 213 Siu Hong & Siu Hong & Tuen Mun Stations,

Tuen Mun Stations West Rails Development

Site Cofferdam RC Substructures Box Tunnel Retaining Construction

2000 - 2001 Barclay Mowlem - Zen Pacific - CC JV

MTRC TKO606 Tsueng Kwan O Depot

Locomotive Shed & Associated Works

2000 - 2001 HAM - HKC JV

CED CV/99/12 Penny's Bay Reclamation Stage I

Road and Drainage Slope Stablization and Reinforced Earth Structure Works

2000 - 2002 HKC - AMEC JV

TDD TM/87/98 Wong Chu Road & Interchanges Construction

Earthwork RC Structures Road Improvement Notise Migtigation and Drainage Works

2001 - 2002 Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, HKSAR


Construction of Footpath

2001 - 2002 Water Supplies HKSAR

WSD 12/WSD/00 Extension of Lime Store at Sheung Shui Treatment Works

Construction of Superstructure Works

2001 - 2003 Drainage Services Dept. HKSAR

DSD DC/2000/05 Construction of Sewers at Tong Yan San Tsuen

Yuen Long

Construction of Drainage System

2002 - 2002 China State Construction Eng. Co.

CED CV/2000/09 Infrastructures at Penny's Bay

Construction of Box Culvert (Start-up Package)

2002 - 2003 Drainage Services Dept. HKSAR

WSD 13/WSD/01 Ngau Tam Mei Treatment Works :

Mainlaying Along Castle Peak Road

Mainlaying of 350m 1000mm dia Steel Water Main

2002 - 2003 Balfour Beatty Group Ltd.

CLKAA C312 Airport Extension at East Hall

Construction of Substructure and Superstructure Works including

Road and Drainage Works

2002 - 2004 Drainage Services Dept. HKSAR

WSD 17/WSD/01 Remedial Works to Chai Wan Reservoir

Remedial Works to Existing Reservoir include Re-Waterproofing

& RC Inner Tanking

2002 - 2004 China State Construction Eng. Co.

CED CV/2001/10Contract 2 for Infrastructures
Infrastructures at Penny’s Bay Development, Contract 2 at Penny’s Bay Development

Earthwork (Slope & Ground Treatment)

2003 - 2004 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

Contract CA211 Shek Lei Estate Phase 10

Foundation Works for Block No.11 & 12 and Car Park for Redevelopment

of Shek Lei Estate Phase 10

2003 - 2006 VSL Hong Kong Ltd.

Contract No. HY/99/18 Castle Peak Road

Castle Peak Road Improvement Construction of Reinforced Earth Wall

2003 - 2007 Balfour - Beatty Lam JV

KRCR Contract No. LCC 300 Lok Ma Chau Terminus

Construction of 3 km road and drainage work from Castle Peak Road

to Lok Ma Chau Terminal

2004 - 2004 EMSD

CE/2003(TT) Replacement of Traffic Control
Replacement of Traffic Control and surveillance System (TCSS)

and Surveillance System (TCSS)

Cable and Ductworks Investigation

2004 - 2005 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

Contract P352 Skyplaza Advance Works

Skyplaza Advance Works

Construction of Guide Wall and Removal of Rock Fill

2004 - 2005 Water Supplies Dept. HKSAR

Contract No. 3/WSD/03 Tin Hau Temple Road,

North Point, Hong Kong

Reprovisioning of North Point Salt Water Service Reservoir and

Relocation of North Point Upper Salt Water Pump Station

2004 - 2005 Water Supplies Dept. HKSAR

Contract No. 17/WSD/02 Village Mains in North District

Tai Po Stage 1, Phase 1

Replacement and Rehabilitation of Water Mains

2004 - 2005 Balfour Beatty Group Ltd.

Contract No. P 356 Skyplaza Limousine Lounge Work

Construction of Skyplaza Limousine Lounge

2005 - 2006 Bachy Soletanche

Contract No. C407D Tung Chung Station Development

Package 2, Phase 4 Lowrise Development

Removal of Spoil & Construction of Guide Wall

Installation of sheet piling work, Construction of foundation work

2006 - 2006 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

Contract No. NKIL6308 San Po Kong Development

San Po Kong  replica watches UK Development

Construction of Guide Walls and Miscellaneous Works

2006 - 2006 Link 200 JV

Contract No. KDB200 Kowloon Southern Link

Miscellaneous Works for Bored Tunnel Site Set Up CLP Switch Room Building


2008 - 2009 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

Contract for Foundation Works

Cathay Pacific Air Cargo Terminal,HKIA

Shoring installation

Spoil removal, pile head trimming & Spoil removal, pile head trimming, Sheet pile

Sheet pile

2008 - 2013 Dragages - Nishimatsu JV

Contract No. DC/2007/10 Design and Construction of

Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel

Carrying out Temporary Marine Works at Western Portal-including construction of seawall block at Western Portal-including construction

Installation of 610 dia. Marine pipe pile and reclamation work

Cable Trench Path at Site Entrance, Earthworks and Reinforced Concrete

Works of Spoil Basin at Western Portal, Marine Transportation of Surplus to Mainland China

Excavated Materials Off Site from Western Portal and Supply of Pea Gravel to Western Portal

Site Set Up, Temporary Drainage Works, Shaft Intake & Slope works at Intake TP4, TP5, TP789

Steel Fixing Works – Land transportation for dropshaft precast rings

temporary excavation and lateral support for deep structures

Removal of Pipe Pipes


2009 - 2010 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

Proposed Development at TPTL No. 188, Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po

Guide Wall and Spoil disposal

2010 - 2011 Bachy Soletanche

MTRC XRL 803A West Kowloon Terminus Diaphragm Walls (Site A)

Road & Drainage Works

2010 - 2011 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

MTRC XRL 825 Mai Po to Ngau Tam Mei Tunnels

Spoil Removal, Guide Walls

2010 - 2013 Bachy Soletanche – Laing O’Rourke JV

MTRC XRL 811A West Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel

Site Clearance and Construction of Temporary Carriageway and Spoil Disposal

for Piled Foundations Excavation & Lateral Support (ELS)

2010 - 2014 Gammon - Leighton JV

MTRC XRL 811B West Kowloon Terminus Approach Tunnel (South)

West Kowloon Terminus

Approach Tunnel (South)

Barging Facilities at Nam Cheong Guay

Operation of Barging Facility and transportation to Mainland China

Initial hoarding barging facility at Nam Cheong Guay

2010 - 2015 Dragages – Bouygues JV

MTRC XRL 821 Shek Yam to Mei Lai Road Tunnels

Disposal of Tunnel Spoil to Mainland China by Marine

Site Establishment Works

Addition and Omission Works

Land Transportation of De-sanding Materials

Earthwork, Concrete Work and Miscellaneous Work for Ventilation Building VB6

Breaking out of  Concrete Invert Slab inside Tunnel Work for VB6

External Works for VB6 at Kwai Chung Site Area

Closure of Openings in Twin Track Tunnel and Cleaning of Down Track Tunnel

Remedial  Works inside the Tunnel due to Setting out Errors

Backfilling to North and South Adit  Bypasses

Construction of CLP Cover

2010 - 2016 Dragages – Bouygues JV

MTRC XRL 820 Mei Lai Road to Hoi Ting Road Tunnels

Construction of Sheet Piling Wall for DSD Rising Main Diversion

Construction of Socketed H-Pile Foundation for DSD Rising Main Diversion

Construction of Temporary Fill Platform at Nam Cheong Launching Shaft

Site Establishment Works at Nam Cheong Barging Point

Construction of Slurry Trench for Slurry Pipe

Construction of Slab Foundation for Bentomix Building, Bentonite Silos, Storage Building and Conveyor at Nam Cheong Barging Point

Construction of Stacker Retaining Wall & Footing, Stacker Dewatering Pit and Rotating Stacker

Contruction of Concrete Slab inside Slurry Treatment Tanks

Construction of Slurry Tank Foundation Slab

Construction of Filter Press Slab for Slurry treatment plant

Construction of desanding slab for Slurry treatment plant

Disposal of Spoil Excavated from TBM Tunnels to China by Marine

Land Transportation and Marine Disposal of Rock from Main Tunnel

Supply and Delivery of Sands for Mortar Production

Placing of in-situ concrete for cut & cover tunnels and Ventilation Building (VB7)

Construction of Cut and Cover Tunnels at Hoi Ting Road  Retrieval Shaft

Additional Works for Backfilling of Retrieval Shaft 811A

Dismantling & Removal of Container Surrounding Site 6 Stockpile

Miscellaneous Works for Rockfill Layer at Nam Cheong Launching Shaft

2011 - 2011 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

DC/2007/24 Harbour Treatment Scheme

Shear pins construction at Sai Ying Pun

2011 - 2013 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

HY/2009/15 Central Wanchai Bypass Tunnel

Diaphragm wall & barrette construction and marine disposal to TM38

2011 - Present Laing O’Rourke - Hsin Chong - Paul Y JV

MTRC XRL 810B West Kowloon Terminus Station

Barge Management & Disposal to Mainland China

Basement Ventilation for top down construction

ELS at Sea Water  Intake and Outfall Culvert

Sea Wall Modification Works

Sea Wall Break Through & Modification at SWIC

WKCD Ground Floor Finishes Works

Construction of Trapezoidal Channel

EVA Concrete Pavement


WKCD EVA Fencing, Barriers & Gates

2012 - 2013 Bachy Soletanche Group Ltd.

CB204 Proposed Goldin Financial Global Centre at NKIL 6314 KLN

Spoil Removal for Diaphragm Wall, Bored Piles and Socketed H-Piles

2012 - 2013 Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited

MTRC XRL 822 Tse Uk Tsuen to Shek Yam Tunnels

Tunnel Spoil Disposal

2012 - 2014 Leighton - Gammon JV

MTRC XRL 810A West Kowloon Terminus Station North

Sorting and Disposal of Excavated Rock Material to XRL821

2012 - 2015 Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd

MTRC SIL 902 Nam Fung Tunnel and Ventilation Buildings

Land & Marine Disposal and Barging Point Operation

Reinstatement for Telegraph Bay Works Area

2012 - 2016 Dragages - China Harbour-VSL JV

HY/2011/09 Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge

Hong Kong Link Road Section between HKSAR Boundary and Scenic Hill

Provision for Barges and Tugboats

Marine Deposit Disposal

Pile Cap Construciton Works for Marine Viaduct Package A

Construction of In-situ Columns for Marine Viaduct

Construction of In-situ Columns at Pier P0 for Marine Viaduct

Supply & Delivery of Rock by Marine Transportation

Construction of Turnaround Facility In-Situ Column for Marine Duct

Supply of River sand at P69

2013 - 2013 China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd.

P547 Hong Kong International Airport Midfield Parking Stands

Earthwork - Disposal of Materials by Marine Transport

2013 - 2013 Bachy Soletanche Group Limited

Hong Kong  Zhuhai Macao Bridge

Hong Kong Link Road Section between HKSAR  Boundary and Scenic Hill


Land Piling Works

Remedial Works of Pile Heads

2013 - Present Vinci Construction Grands Projets

MTRC SCL1103 Hin Keng to Diamond Hill Tunnels

King Post Fire Protection Concrete Trimming Works

Construction for MCV Temporary Platform

Supply & Installation of Bus Shelter at MCV

Construction for FTA Temporary Platform

Mucking Out works

Excavation at Mucking Out at Portal at Hin Keng

Hin Keng Box 2 Excavation 

Shaft Excavation at Diamond Hill Site

Concreting Package at Diamond Hill Site

Construction of TBM Unloading Bay and Storage area at Kai Tak

To Supply and Install Cut-off Wall Capping Beam at Diamond Hill Station

DIH Capping Beam Remaining D-wall Panels

Construction of Base Slab at Diamond Hill Station

Rock Filling and Concrete Slab at Shui Chuen O

Road Widening in Hin Keng Site

Shaft & Central Accomodation Excavation & ELS Works at Ma Chai Hang

Excavation of Cut and Cover Tunnel Area 3 at Hin Keng

Site Clearance of TKO Magazine

Demolition and Removal of 3rd Filter Structure at DIH site

Concrete Structure Breaking and Excavation for DIH Site Area

2014 - Present Dragages Hong Kong Limited

Contract No. CV/2012/08

Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point

Site Formation and Infrastructure Works - Contract 2

Earthwork at North Portal

Site Formation, Slope and Drainage Works at Mid Ventilation Adit Portal

Platform Formation for Bridge Construction at South Portal

Sedimentation Tank at Mid Ventilation Portal

Disposal of Excavated Material from Adit at Mid Ventilation Portal

Site Formation, Slope and Drainage Works at South Portal

ELS at Spoil Basin at North Portal

Disposal of Excavated Material from Tunnels at North Portal

Disposal of Excavated Materials from Drill and Blast Tunnel at South Portal

Earthwork for Administration Building

Additional Waling for Spoil Basin ELS

Earthwork for Administration Building Foundation

Shotcreting works for TBM Tunnels

2014 - Present Dragages-Bouygues JV

Contract No. HY/2012/08

Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok Link - Northern Connection Sub-Sea Tunnel Section

Supply and Delivery of Rockfill Material by Marine to Tuen Mun

Supply of Used Steel Ramp, Modification, Delivery and Installation of Used Steel Ramp for Barging Point

Marine Plant for Setup of South Ventilation Shaft

2014 - Present Dragages - Bouygues JV

MTRC Shatin to Central Link Contract 1128 - South Ventilation Building to Admiralty Tunnels

Renovation of Joint Site Accomodation at 3/F, 5/F, 10/F, 11/F & 31/F of Shui On Centre

Temporary Road Construction at Lung King Streetn (Works Area W14) Construction of Temporary Store Room & Water Pump Room at Wan Chai Sport Ground

Excavation Works of Expose Existing Underground Utilities at Works Area W8

Excavation and Lateral Support for W1 Advanced shaft

Construction of Concrete Slab and Reinstatement Works at Wan Chai Sports Ground

Noise Cover and Enclosure at Works Area W1 Advance Shaft

Relocation of Memorial Statues & Historical Items for Trophies and Fitting Out Works at PSRC

Excavation of FPP Peanut Shaft at Works Area W8

Disposal of Spoil Excavated from TBM Tunnels

Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Silt Curtain at Works Area W1

Supply and Installation of Steel Pipe to the Outlet of Seawall at Works Area W1

Excavation of SOV Shaft at Works Area W2

Wire Cut to R.C. Middle Wall of FPP Structure at Works Area W8

Earthwork and R.C. Works at FPP Area 2 Shaft at Works Area W8

Demolition of Slurry Treatment Plant (Reinforced Concrete Structure)

2015 - 2016 Penta-Ocean-China State JV

C1121 NSL Cross Harbour Tunnels

Crane Barge for Lifting materials under HUH bypass

2016 - 2016 China Harbour Engineering Company Limited

HY/2010/02 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities - Reclamation Works

Hire of Flat Top Barge 70m

Disposal of Public Fill to Mainland China


2016 - Present Vinci Construction Grands Projets

SCL1122 Admiralty South Overrun Tunnel

Fitting Out Works for Project Site Offices at 3/F., 8/F and 11/F of Shui On Centre

Mucking Out Subcontract

2016 - Present MTR Corporation Limited

Express Rail Link Contract 8217

Backfilling of Shek Yam Contruction Adit

2017 - Present Bachy Soletanche-Sambo JV

Hong Kong International Airport Three Runway System Project Contract 3205

Deep Cement Mixing Works (Low Headroom)

Installation of Silt Curtain and Barge Modification for TB226 & TB228

2017 - Present China Harbour-Zhen Hua JV


Handling of Surplus Public Fill (2016-2018)

Collection and Delivery of Public Fill Between Public Fill Reception Facilities